Field Trip Study Report: Fisheries as a Potential sector to Develop Local Economic in Serang Municipality

Strategic planning for local economic development is important. It is a cornerstone of sustainable development. It involves wise resource use, integrating values and thinking ahead. These are demanding tasks that can be intimidating, and at times, overwhelming (Un-Habitat, 2005). Local economic development (LED) strategies  or using other terms, local and regional development programmers’ have now for more than two decades been increasingly recommended by scholars, practitioners, NGOs and some international organizations as a complement, if not as an outright alternative, to traditional top-down development strategies(Pose, 2013). It means that local economic development as new development paradigms that can be adopted in certain area which have own local potency. It also occurs in Serang Municipality. The local government start to concern their development in minapolitan as Local economic based on Fisheries. In serang Municipality, there is  National Fishery Port (Pelabuhan Perikanan Nasional, PPN) has a play role to support local development. PPN Located in Karangantu Sub-District is expected to play their role as growth center and multiplier effect to other sectors in Serang Municipality and other districts in Banten Province. Furthermore, this report explain about fisheries sector as a potencies to develop local economic in Serang Municipality.

Fisheries sector in Serang Municipality is characterized by the availability of National Fisheries Port (Pelabuhan Perikanan Nasional, PPN). PPN Karangantu was built in 1975/1976 with a land area amount 2,5 Ha and had been operated and become technical unit (UPT) of Directorate General of fisheries by namely Pelabuhan Perikanan Pantai (PPP). In linier with developing and increasing operational port, in December 30th, 2010 trough regulation from ministry of fishery and marine no: PER.29/MEN/2010 Pelabuhan Perikanan Pantai (PPP) Karangantu changed their name became Pelabuhan Perikanan Nusantara (PPN) Karangantu. 
PPN Karangantu located in Kasemen sub-district. All of fishery product in Serang municipality comes from Kasemen. Furthermore, Kasemen sub-district has significant play role in economic growth of Serang Municipality. From this potency, the government had been crated regulation related with developing of Minapolitan as local economic based on fisheries. Minapolitan is a development concept of fishery and marine based on leading fish product. Minapolitan program in Serang Municipality had been developed in Kasemen sub-district in accordance with decree of serang mayor no. 523/Kep.116 Org/2011. PPN Karangantu became more concern to develop, because there have some urgency related to the local economic development:
1.       geographic condition (Overlooking the java sea and able to reach out south china sea)
2.       Supporting fishery entrepreneurship (Utilization potential fishery resources)
3.   As Growth Center and Multiplier effect to other sectors (Encourage economic growth for the local community)
4.       Center of marine fisheries  (Linkage between fisherman and buyer)
5.       As place for social interaction among the community  (Protect the socio economic and local wisdom)
In term of local economic development, in Serang Municipaliy there is certain local product related with fish production. kurisi fish (Nemipterus sp.), teri fish (Stolephorus sp.), tongkol fish (Auxis thazard), lemuru fish (Sardinella longiceps), layang fish (Decapterus sp.), tembang fish (Sardinella fimbriata), kembung fish (Rastrelliger sp.), selar fish (Selaroides sp.), udang jerbung (Penaeus merguiensis). From several fish production, in Serang Municipality there is also leading production to develop. They are Damersal fish, bandeng fish, meatball fish, bandeng satay. Especially bandeng fish, in Serang Municipality it have been manage and been added value to increase their value. it become special product and only develop in Serang Municipality. Other local potencies in term of Local economic Development in Serang Municipality is marine tourism. It can be seen from the PPN karangantu area had been supporting by tourism facilities such are small dermaga in a long side river and several tourism boat. Based on local government state, the government will develop marine tourism to support PPN Karangantu activity in order to attract the tourist come to PPN Karangantu. Furthermore, it will increase income for the local people and local revenue. Local government in Serang Municipality also support for developing of PNN Karangantu as minapolitan area by some policy, consist of:
  1. Developing leading commodity such as Bandeng fish and Bandeng Satay
  2. Developing minapolitan area based on local potential
  3. Developing fishery cultivation activities and sea fish to encourage fisheries production
  4. Encourage Minapolitan area of Serang Municipality as the biggest trade center in Banten Province and giving contribution for national fisheries production
  5. Encourage accelerate of development in minapolitan area trough increasing of government and private investment.

Fisheries sector in Serang Municipality had been supported by PPN Karangantu. PPN Karangantu become center activity related with fish product. In term of Local economic development, at least there is 3 main components that should be available. First is Local product, in Serang Municipality, there have several leading product in fish and it had been developed and add value become other product. Second is there is Local empowerment, it can be seen from the local community in serang Municipality, they had been participate in fisheries sector such as fisherman, trader, and owner of entrepreneurship. And the third is supporting by local government. Local government in Serang Municipality supporting local economic development by some policy regarding to increase fisheries activity and protect coastal area by minapolitan concept. In other hand local government also support in tourism activity, it can be seen from the marine tourist facility such as marine boat, and small dermaga in along side of the river in PPN Karangantu area. From Local economic development in Serang Municipality, it also can be provide job opportunity for the local people.


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