Promoting CSR to Support Sustainable Development

I’ve just read an interesting article that was shared on national geographic’s site. That article was written by Peter Seligmann who is the Chairman and CEO of Conservation International. It shows us different perception which is the person that conserve the earth is the big bussiness through article entitled “Are big businesses our best hope for sustainability?”. He said that Earth’s future is in the hands of big business. Big business had a movement to protect the environment comprehensively for our nature protection. On that article shared that big business like Starbucks’, Nike, and Coca-Cola, realized they should be good stewards of the resources to make they still survive in that industry. Maw, whose company connects students and professionals, on also said that “sustainability isn’t just important for people and the planet, but also is vital for business success”. Many things that big business do for conserving our environment like partner with conservation international innisiation, lead to breakthroughs in energy efficiency, reduce waste, and protect resources around the world.

That article mentioned that big business is in the position to reverse the global systemic threats we face as climate change, mounting resource demand and ecosystem degradation. During this time, the role of private sector has a bad image in the protection of natural resources. But contrastly, coverage of big business can develop a system for conservation that not only improve, but also requires stability and continuity be a good investment.

What is Coorporate Social Responsibility?

That concept which talked above called Coorporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is important issue in business that began to understand how economic growth is linked to social and environment well-being. CSR become forward-thinking of company to invest sustainability into the core of their business operation. It can be create shared value for business and guide their future progress. It happens because CSR focuses on healthier and more productive world that may develop their projects to the highest standards of energy efficiency and occupant health, while creating an architecturally resonant project that reflects our mission and vision (Devin Thorpe on While interviewing company in USA, Thorne got various responses for the benefit of CSR and cause marketing for the company, 51 of 59 believe that they have happier employees and 45 of the 59 believe they end up with better employees, either as a result of being able to attract better talent or that the CSR programs help to develop better employees.

How do Indonesia implement CSR as developing country?

As developing country, existence of CSR in Indonesia is really important that was not only important for economic growth but also for society. Indonesia attract significant investments of multinational corporations. Therefore, given that during this year violations of workers’ rights and environmental damage have been expanded, the promotion of CSR is very important because it can create a more conducive business environment for fair business practices and is responsible for both multinationals and local contractors alike. CSR has implemented on Goverment Regulation No. 47/2012 that give responsible to companies’ Boards of Directors for the preparation of a social responsibility plan and budget. It also deals with incentive for the company that approving the law and sanction for the companies which do not fulfill the CSR obligation. But CSR is still complying as a cost likely to burden companies, instead of being perceived as an investment which could potentially lead to increased economic competitiveness and to a fairer and more inclusive economic growth. That could happen because of different perception among various social-economic player, a certain degree of ambiguity in the law, and weak law enforcement are currently slowing down the homogenous reception and implementation of social responsibility in Indonesia (Federica Gentile on Noticed some issues that have arisen as a result of the low accountability and contribution from the company to society, CSR is important to note back with the investment policy to increase economic growth during this goverment period.

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